Sunday, July 26, 2009

adventures of stylez&biz

SO today was a baby shower in my hood and truthfully im sick of these FUCKING HOODBOOGERS. bitches and niggers. like really.

HOODBOOGER story # 1
soooo we chillin on the bench sumthin smooth. and these girls coming by and one is twitching hella hard. like deadass boo nobody is watching. like we were look but only because we were laughing at the nastyness. so then there is her friend who we do know and truthfully aint shit change about her. not even her hair style. and i have to be truthful i aint been a dime all my lufe but she is just plain ewwie . like she call herself tryna make a sexy puffy bun like ma we used to call yu crayola. and all i see is yu stepped ya color game up.

thisssss nigga MANNY fuck that for this one im using names . so mind we still chillin in the same spot when this one gonna come sit nex to us like papa YOU STINK. and im not one to talk bout people but today is one of them days. like this hoodbooger is my age n smoke weed like he 25. and gonna come at my head like im on drugs and he got crates holes whatever in his face. like need i say more this nigga is a HOODBOOGER n got nerve to tell me im dismisssed. hahhahahahahahah im giving out axe gift sets for christmas you know the deal if you got one

hoodbooger story #3

this one dont even HAVE MUCH TO DO WITH TONIGHT . but its just amazing the girls that just moved over staring at us like we new. lol. like really mama step ya knowledge up about whho you staring at. and learn. YALL WAS NEVER THE TYPE.
like when we was walking last night the amount of eyes we was catching from girls not even. grown ass women was like yo yall deadass lmao.

and trust there will be more to come. please dont get labeled a hoodbooger.

mu wahz over and out.

if it aint sweet it aint shit.

(vids coming soon)

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