Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Over this past month i been hooked on a select group of individuals know as "HouseOfAura" Connecting with one of there founders on twitter, it is quite easy to see that their whole group overides the common "swagg". (reason for the title). One of the founders RayRiches sent me this description:

"HouseOfAura Was Founded By RayRiches Polokob Jaypayso Money Mell And Toine . Currently relaunching and going in a new direction, the website will mostly be focused on Music, fashion and our events. We will have new upcoming artist with todays fashion and news. The site will help artist get more exposure for their music , myspace pages and ect. Also have pictures from our events/parties. We have 3 new series coming up " Tony Tv" , "In My Hood" and "HouseOfAuraTv". All three new reality type shows , new episodes will come weekly."

being that , that information is coming directly from a founder there is nothing to dispute. i would definitely have to tag them as a movement that will soon be great. and if im hooked . i know yall will be tooooooo

check out there website

follow them

"i wouldnt bring it to you if it wasnt sweet"

(so sweet)

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